Link Soup 1/24/17

What happens when a 60 year old grandmother stumbles across gay Supernatural fanfiction?

On punching Nazis, the morality thereof: Community dynamics or punch the f-ing naziF-bombs are not dashed out in the link. Here is something I think people don’t understand quote from Richard Spencer who got punched, advocating black genocide as a really quite lovely and reasonable solution to all of our problems, and lots of f-bombs in response and yes please punch in response alternative view: punching nazis makes minority groups bigger targets there are better ways to discredit nazis than punching them down – make sure you get them talking about their most reprehensible views on air and some nuance, hardened radicals vs deradicalization of those who are not yet in too deep and another emphatic YES on the nazi punching one more yes for the nazi punching, and how America’s left is really center these days, while the right has moved ever further right. We don’t really have a left, left the danger of revolution and we’re not to that point yet Woman who faced off with neo nazis named one of years most inspiring by bbc Ovaries of steel. don’t make fun of right wing children from the children that escaped well and here’s a stirring speech indeed to wrap up the Nazi punching segment 12 books to keep your feminism intersectional*note to self, check out Kimberle Crenshaw writings/TED talks on intersectionality* ok so they archived all the LGBTQ and climate change stuff from the Obama White House Page, but the topics it’s been replaced with are…strange, to say the least *note to self, fact check this*

Youtube Trump’s Infrastructure ScamNot good news for poor rural Americans if this is true. Or anyone. donald trump is the literal opposite of Fred Rogers So you wanna be an intersectional feminist 101 Intersectional feminism 201

Explaining white privilege to a broke white person On trigger warnings and special snowflakes

The anxious activist tumblr list of resources

a dinosaur a day tumblr Defending science thanks to trump scientists are planning to run for office

The Star-spangled Banner sung in a minor key

When it was said to wait and see what he does before you criticize – here’s what he’s done in the first week

Kindness as the most radical thing

Public comment on DAPL now open the Canadian war on science and trump’s is likely to be worse

314 Action scientists running for office

On Being: John Lewis – Love in ActionThose non-violent protests didn’t just happen – John Lewis describes how they acted out and practiced being yelled at and attacked. Loving their attackers. Loving the hell out of htem. This should be required listening for all humans.


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