Link soup 1/31/17

Poem on refugees – ‘Home’ by Warsan Shire – no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark

Subscribe to Indiana Redistricting Coalition for reference on the whole question of ‘what would Jesus do’ with reference links

Another Hidden Figures story

Stranger things SAG awards acceptance speech what happens when an emergency vehicle needs to get through a protest how to help our national parks

Refinery29 celebration of Black History Month

Holocaust museum early warning signs of fascism

the lead crime hypothesis – how phasing out leaded gasoline very likely lead to a significant decline in violent crime in the last few decades

mother jones rundown on leaded gas exposure and crime rates

mother jones follow up more links on lead and crime political persuasion and reframing arguments into the other side’s moral perspective

What the F* Just Happened Today dot com for keeping up with the shock and awe administration.

Ursula LeGuin on why sci fi and fiction is different from alternative facts

PTA advice on political advocacy and contacting your representatives

Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education legislative contact information

scientific american energy security drives US military to renewables Canadian scientist explain how their government silenced science

Reuters orders reporters to cover trump like an authoritarian regime and to expect physical threats Surge in young women planning to run for office “Leaders from all three organizations agree: Trump is to thank for this outpouring of interest in elected office. Young women may have considered themselves unqualified for political office before, but Trump has broken down many of the preconceived barriers to candidacy.” six minute speech by Valarie Kaur, and American-Sikh lawyer, watch to the endBreathe, and push.

The psychology of why Americans are more scared of terrorism than guns though guns are 3210 times more likely to kill them After the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, Roxane Cohen Silver and two co-authors looked at what caused more acute stress: being at or near the bombing itself, or being exposed to it in the media. They found “[r]epeated bombing-related media exposure was associated with higher acute stress than was direct exposure.”

Hidden Brain podcast Fortress America what we can and can’t learn from history Some of the nuances of the failure of the US to accept 900 Jewish refugees during WWII, how it may have contributed to the “final solution”, the dangers of both over and understating history, the value of individual acts of compassion.

Stuff You Should Know podcast – How Pacifism Works Of interest to the punching Nazi debate. Long, but some super interesting history here, and many different types of pacifist, most of which involve conceding that there are times when violence is necessary.

You Are Not So Smart podcast – The Backfire Effect Part 2 a liberals letter to conservatives on the occasion of trump’s inaugeration on coddling white people when making films about black excellenceYep, I’d say they’ve got a point here. From the book Hidden Figures which goes into the actual history, there were white people that did the right thing, but so far it’s been quiet, somewhat ambiguous, behind the scenes – more what they didn’t do (failure to act like a jerk?) than what they did.

World Health Organization guide to gender and genetics appreciation of those who make dinner GMO defenseAlso, I’d add on the bad side, GMO crops made to survive greater and greater levels of herbicide and pesticide lead us down a scary path, imo

<a href=" police vs military a veteran on refugees


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