Link Soup 2/12/17

Ezra Klein Vox Facebook Summary of Bannon viewpoint and influence on Republicans increase in mortality from repealing Affordable Care Act Nice run down on strengths and weaknesses of the evidence and studies available. Take home message – even taking the lower estimates, more would die than from gun homicides. cinderella redo Just for fun, and why don’t they do this more in movies? More kindness and support among women, yes please.

EO Wilson on half earth, donald trump, and hope I have his GIANT book on ants ❤ The best way to reduce human population growth and save the planet is to educate women. girls being kicked out of school for wearing slacks 1946 these 26 hate groups operate in Indiana s-leary gives the latest run down on the madness with fascism watch

iowa starting line – police officers we didn’t vote republican to get stabbed in the back takedown of DeVos cartoon portraying her as Ruby Bridges Americans broke the psychologists stress records The madness of king donald

Study finds Indiana one of the worst states for gerrymandering

League of Women Voters rundown on gerrymandering universities didn’t ‘turn left’ they remained committed to rational thought new department of education logo Oh dear sweet potatoes, this is so terrible, but it made me laugh. Dinosaur-rider Jesus, and now I want a movie, it could be really good actually. Jesus summoning his army of dinosaurs to trample the corrupt money lenders. 50 Shades of Gray and a rundown of how it portrays an abusive relationship, not a BSDM one Luke Skywalker and defying toxic masculinity rules, parenting, and authoritarianism the right to free speech xkcd a response to please stop being so political acts of true altruism and why they get the harshest troll attacks

4chan the skeleton key to the rise of trumpSaving to read later – I wasn’t in Gamergate circles, but some of my online friends were, and it was really disheartening to see how it was all unfolding.


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