Link Soup 2/20/17

s-leary fascism watch Milo Yiannapoulos pedophile racist anti-semite and still speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference author roxane gay cancelling book contracts due to association with Milo Yiannapoulos

Ten points for democracy activists

latimes foster father cares for terminally ill childrenSome Muslims are terrorists, this is true. And some Muslims tenderly care for dying children.

huffington post 28 organizations that are empowering black communities Jane Elliot gifset those willing to be treated as society treats a black person please stand preschool knocking down of castles and rape culture Congressman compares donald trump presidency to stranger things what’s been going on with crime rates in Sweden after accepting refugees why you should fight for death panels 29 pieces of good news that got choked out by trump stories witches planning to cast a spell on donald trump to prevent him from harming anyone I have exactly zero belief in witchcraft; however, I do believe in the power of the placebo effect. Can’t hurt! Albert Einstein and racism relevant lessons for today from Harry Potter

huffington post 4 problematic statements white people make about race Basic stuff, or so I thought, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the reverse racism thing lately. charter schools hiding dropouts and gaming the system american involvement in iran and other things they don’t teach you in history class


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