Link soup 7/28/17 In times of distress man should act as if there is no god and do the right thing.

Another poem by Peggy Pond Church:
Ultimatum for Man
Now the frontiers are all closed.
There is no other country we can run away to.
There is no ocean we can cross over.
At last we must turn and live with one another.
We cannot escape any longer.
We cannot continue to choose between good and evil
(the good for ourselves, the evil for neighbors);
We must all bear the equal burden.
At last we who have been running away must turn and face it
There is no room for hate left in the world we must live in.
Now we must learn love. We can no longer escape it.
We can no longer escape from one another.
Love is no longer a theme for eloquence, or a way of life for a few to choose whose hearts can decide it.
It is the sternest necessity; the unequivocal ultimatum.
There is no other way out; there is no country we can flee to.
There is no man on earth who must not face this task now.


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