Link soup 7/28/17 In times of distress man should act as if there is no god and do the right thing.

Another poem by Peggy Pond Church:
Ultimatum for Man
Now the frontiers are all closed.
There is no other country we can run away to.
There is no ocean we can cross over.
At last we must turn and live with one another.
We cannot escape any longer.
We cannot continue to choose between good and evil
(the good for ourselves, the evil for neighbors);
We must all bear the equal burden.
At last we who have been running away must turn and face it
There is no room for hate left in the world we must live in.
Now we must learn love. We can no longer escape it.
We can no longer escape from one another.
Love is no longer a theme for eloquence, or a way of life for a few to choose whose hearts can decide it.
It is the sternest necessity; the unequivocal ultimatum.
There is no other way out; there is no country we can flee to.
There is no man on earth who must not face this task now.


Link Soup 2/27/17 Power differentials and protests Jean Luc Picard the road to suspicion of our enemies is paved with paranoia the privilege of being oppressed by political correctness Dr. Suess and political cartoons George Bush, voice of reason

A place in the middle what a paramedic thinks of burger flippers who won a $15 minimum wage

Link Soup 2/20/17

s-leary fascism watch Milo Yiannapoulos pedophile racist anti-semite and still speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference author roxane gay cancelling book contracts due to association with Milo Yiannapoulos

Ten points for democracy activists

latimes foster father cares for terminally ill childrenSome Muslims are terrorists, this is true. And some Muslims tenderly care for dying children.

huffington post 28 organizations that are empowering black communities Jane Elliot gifset those willing to be treated as society treats a black person please stand preschool knocking down of castles and rape culture Congressman compares donald trump presidency to stranger things what’s been going on with crime rates in Sweden after accepting refugees why you should fight for death panels 29 pieces of good news that got choked out by trump stories witches planning to cast a spell on donald trump to prevent him from harming anyone I have exactly zero belief in witchcraft; however, I do believe in the power of the placebo effect. Can’t hurt! Albert Einstein and racism relevant lessons for today from Harry Potter

huffington post 4 problematic statements white people make about race Basic stuff, or so I thought, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the reverse racism thing lately. charter schools hiding dropouts and gaming the system american involvement in iran and other things they don’t teach you in history class

Link Soup 2/12/17

Ezra Klein Vox Facebook Summary of Bannon viewpoint and influence on Republicans increase in mortality from repealing Affordable Care Act Nice run down on strengths and weaknesses of the evidence and studies available. Take home message – even taking the lower estimates, more would die than from gun homicides. cinderella redo Just for fun, and why don’t they do this more in movies? More kindness and support among women, yes please.

EO Wilson on half earth, donald trump, and hope I have his GIANT book on ants ❤ The best way to reduce human population growth and save the planet is to educate women. girls being kicked out of school for wearing slacks 1946 these 26 hate groups operate in Indiana s-leary gives the latest run down on the madness with fascism watch

iowa starting line – police officers we didn’t vote republican to get stabbed in the back takedown of DeVos cartoon portraying her as Ruby Bridges Americans broke the psychologists stress records The madness of king donald

Study finds Indiana one of the worst states for gerrymandering

League of Women Voters rundown on gerrymandering universities didn’t ‘turn left’ they remained committed to rational thought new department of education logo Oh dear sweet potatoes, this is so terrible, but it made me laugh. Dinosaur-rider Jesus, and now I want a movie, it could be really good actually. Jesus summoning his army of dinosaurs to trample the corrupt money lenders. 50 Shades of Gray and a rundown of how it portrays an abusive relationship, not a BSDM one Luke Skywalker and defying toxic masculinity rules, parenting, and authoritarianism the right to free speech xkcd a response to please stop being so political acts of true altruism and why they get the harshest troll attacks

4chan the skeleton key to the rise of trumpSaving to read later – I wasn’t in Gamergate circles, but some of my online friends were, and it was really disheartening to see how it was all unfolding.

Link soup 2/7/17

FCC makes it harder for poor people to get subsidized broadband aka taking away one’s bootstraps

Seven real stories about the state of abortion in America

USDA records deleted what we stand to lose As a Class C Wildlife Exhibitor, my inspsection records and name used to be publicly available, which was fine – didn’t give out my address or phone number, but if someone wanted to double check that the mammals used in my programs were being cared for humanely, they could do so. Exploring the nationalistic and christian right influences on trump women who persisted

Malcolm X on progress: “I will never say that progress is being made. If you stick a knife in my back 9 inches and pull it out 6 inches there’s no progress. If you pull it all the way out, that’s not progress. The progress is healing the wound that the blow made. And they haven’t even begun to pull the knife out, much less try and heal the wound. They won’t even admit the knife is there.

Kirk Johnson served in Iraq – his rundown on how the refugee ban has undercut the fight against ISIS

It’s ok to have a hate crimes bill as long as it protect the gays

trumps nightmare women opposing himMy favorite quote: “To suggest that women’s leadership is inherently more righteous than men’s is both essentialist and wrong, but the female will to resist is pretty poetic: Trump may have vanquished one powerful female foe in the election, but now a million more women have sprouted in her place.” We are the hydra, muahahahaha!

The backfire effect and river analogy of belief systems applied to today’s political climate

One of those “did you know” things that many people don’t know – disability benefits actively penalize the disabled person if they try to save money. ABLE accounts look like a good step in the right direction

California farmers backed trump but now fear losing field workers‘I never thought leopards would eat MY face,’ sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party. fascism watch update for Feb 9th “‘Empowering Patients’ would allow insurers to cut whatever benefits they no longer want to cover — they could stop covering maternity benefits, for example…” the beautiful activist heart of JesusHey guess who else was a social justice warrior? Mad libs for calling congress who prays for satan? an excerpt from a kid’s book on wizards systemic racism link rundown

the pencilsword on a plate comicprivilege and bootstraps

You Are Not So Smart podcast – The Backfire Effect Part 3

Link soup 1/31/17

Poem on refugees – ‘Home’ by Warsan Shire – no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark

Subscribe to Indiana Redistricting Coalition for reference on the whole question of ‘what would Jesus do’ with reference links

Another Hidden Figures story

Stranger things SAG awards acceptance speech what happens when an emergency vehicle needs to get through a protest how to help our national parks

Refinery29 celebration of Black History Month

Holocaust museum early warning signs of fascism

the lead crime hypothesis – how phasing out leaded gasoline very likely lead to a significant decline in violent crime in the last few decades

mother jones rundown on leaded gas exposure and crime rates

mother jones follow up more links on lead and crime political persuasion and reframing arguments into the other side’s moral perspective

What the F* Just Happened Today dot com for keeping up with the shock and awe administration.

Ursula LeGuin on why sci fi and fiction is different from alternative facts

PTA advice on political advocacy and contacting your representatives

Northeast Indiana Friends of Public Education legislative contact information

scientific american energy security drives US military to renewables Canadian scientist explain how their government silenced science

Reuters orders reporters to cover trump like an authoritarian regime and to expect physical threats Surge in young women planning to run for office “Leaders from all three organizations agree: Trump is to thank for this outpouring of interest in elected office. Young women may have considered themselves unqualified for political office before, but Trump has broken down many of the preconceived barriers to candidacy.” six minute speech by Valarie Kaur, and American-Sikh lawyer, watch to the endBreathe, and push.

The psychology of why Americans are more scared of terrorism than guns though guns are 3210 times more likely to kill them After the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, Roxane Cohen Silver and two co-authors looked at what caused more acute stress: being at or near the bombing itself, or being exposed to it in the media. They found “[r]epeated bombing-related media exposure was associated with higher acute stress than was direct exposure.”

Hidden Brain podcast Fortress America what we can and can’t learn from history Some of the nuances of the failure of the US to accept 900 Jewish refugees during WWII, how it may have contributed to the “final solution”, the dangers of both over and understating history, the value of individual acts of compassion.

Stuff You Should Know podcast – How Pacifism Works Of interest to the punching Nazi debate. Long, but some super interesting history here, and many different types of pacifist, most of which involve conceding that there are times when violence is necessary.

You Are Not So Smart podcast – The Backfire Effect Part 2 a liberals letter to conservatives on the occasion of trump’s inaugeration on coddling white people when making films about black excellenceYep, I’d say they’ve got a point here. From the book Hidden Figures which goes into the actual history, there were white people that did the right thing, but so far it’s been quiet, somewhat ambiguous, behind the scenes – more what they didn’t do (failure to act like a jerk?) than what they did.

World Health Organization guide to gender and genetics appreciation of those who make dinner GMO defenseAlso, I’d add on the bad side, GMO crops made to survive greater and greater levels of herbicide and pesticide lead us down a scary path, imo

<a href=" police vs military a veteran on refugees

This one gets its very own post



ultimately i think kindness is the most radical thing you can do with your pain and your anger. it’s like, you take everything awful that’s ever been done to you, and you throw it back in the world’s teeth, and you say no, fuck you, i’m not going to take this.  you say this is unacceptable. you say that shit stops with me.

humans are fucking terrible and this awful world we live in will fucking kill you but if you are kind, if you are brave and clever and try really hard, you can defy it. you can impose on this bleak and monstrous structure something beautiful. even if it’s temporary. even if it doesn’t heal anything inside you that’s been hurt.

i’m gonna sleep and i’m gonna wake up and i swear by everything in this deadly horrible universe i’m gonna make someone happy.

i’ve seen a number of comments and tags where people feel that they must swallow or repress their anger in order to engage in kindness. that is not at all what i am recommending here. radical kindness is an expression of anger. it is not passive. it is not repressive. it does not require you, in any way, to forgive those that have fucked you up. it does not require you to be quiet.

it just requires that you be kind. viciously. vengefully. you fight back. you plant flowers. give to charity. play games. pet someone’s dog. scream into the dark. paint and write and dance, tell jokes, sing songs, bake cookies. you have been hurt and you don’t have to deny that hurt. you just have to recognize it in other people, and take their hand, and say: no moreenough. fuck this. no more.

have a cookie.

i will say this again: we are all going to die. the universe is enormous and almost entirely empty. to be kind to each other is the most incredible act of defiance against the dark that i can imagine.

Well, and here’s another one:

geekdawson from tumblr

Kindness is often mistaken for softness and let me tell you, friends….that is a mistake you don’t want to make.

Kind people are not born that way, they do not stumble into it, kind people are forged in fire and darkness and imploding stars…they have steel cores. Throw a punch and you’re going to break your hand.

Link Soup 1/24/17

What happens when a 60 year old grandmother stumbles across gay Supernatural fanfiction?

On punching Nazis, the morality thereof: Community dynamics or punch the f-ing naziF-bombs are not dashed out in the link. Here is something I think people don’t understand quote from Richard Spencer who got punched, advocating black genocide as a really quite lovely and reasonable solution to all of our problems, and lots of f-bombs in response and yes please punch in response alternative view: punching nazis makes minority groups bigger targets there are better ways to discredit nazis than punching them down – make sure you get them talking about their most reprehensible views on air and some nuance, hardened radicals vs deradicalization of those who are not yet in too deep and another emphatic YES on the nazi punching one more yes for the nazi punching, and how America’s left is really center these days, while the right has moved ever further right. We don’t really have a left, left the danger of revolution and we’re not to that point yet Woman who faced off with neo nazis named one of years most inspiring by bbc Ovaries of steel. don’t make fun of right wing children from the children that escaped well and here’s a stirring speech indeed to wrap up the Nazi punching segment 12 books to keep your feminism intersectional*note to self, check out Kimberle Crenshaw writings/TED talks on intersectionality* ok so they archived all the LGBTQ and climate change stuff from the Obama White House Page, but the topics it’s been replaced with are…strange, to say the least *note to self, fact check this*

Youtube Trump’s Infrastructure ScamNot good news for poor rural Americans if this is true. Or anyone. donald trump is the literal opposite of Fred Rogers So you wanna be an intersectional feminist 101 Intersectional feminism 201

Explaining white privilege to a broke white person On trigger warnings and special snowflakes

The anxious activist tumblr list of resources

a dinosaur a day tumblr Defending science thanks to trump scientists are planning to run for office

The Star-spangled Banner sung in a minor key

When it was said to wait and see what he does before you criticize – here’s what he’s done in the first week

Kindness as the most radical thing

Public comment on DAPL now open the Canadian war on science and trump’s is likely to be worse

314 Action scientists running for office

On Being: John Lewis – Love in ActionThose non-violent protests didn’t just happen – John Lewis describes how they acted out and practiced being yelled at and attacked. Loving their attackers. Loving the hell out of htem. This should be required listening for all humans.

My favorite march signs

“I’m with her” with arrows pointing everywhere

“Men of Quality don’t fear Equality”

“What do we want?
Evidence-based science
When do we want it?
After peer review”

“Today, we march.
Tomorrow, we run for office.”

“So Bad, Even Introverts are Here”

“Privilege is when you think something is not a problem, because it is not a problem to you, personally”

And songs:
Sung to the tune of “Drunken Sailor”: What do we do with a Nasty Woman? What do we do with a Nasty Woman? Put her in the House and Senate, put her in the House and Senate

Apparently some museums are collecting signs from the marches

Link Soup 1/16/17

Fun Stuff: Star Wars alternate history where Padme survives

Poche Posh – they make women’s clothing with actual pockets!

facebook If men breastfed video Check out the Nursedes! The iPump!

St. Carrie cut out to paste on your own candle She would have loved this. Warning for some cussin’ in this one. Star Wars The Force Awakens gif set and poem – stand up warrior you are not yet finished Love this one a lot. The Murderbot Diaries excerpt of interest to my sentient robot-writing friends – robot secretly gains self governance, saves humans despite itself, becomes adorable. Not available until May but the e-book can be pre-ordered and is only $2.99

Evil supply company – thinking of you during the apocalypse greeting card

How to Human: What about all the people who regret getting gender reassignment surgery? Auntie (the BBC) doesn’t always know best – gender performance vs gender identity Teaching consent to small children

You Are Not So Smart podcast – The Backfire Effect when what you believe is so core to your identity that anything that challenges it feels like a threat to your safety, and instead of changing or questioning your belief based on new evidence, you double down and believe it MORE.

You Are Not So Smart – The Backfire Effect earlier 2011 article

The Mercury 13 the story of the first women astronauts who were left on Earth Women were thought to be better candidates for astronauts because they weighed and ate less. More things they never told us in history class. Cry heart but never break A children’s book about death. Keep a tissue handy if you click this one.

The bortle light pollution scale

Veteran art project Racial illiteracy Catholic anti-abortion pro-choice sensible person talking sensibly sharia law not so scary or at least no scarier than similar ancient christian and jewish versions

Politics and Activism: 8 Martin Luther King, Jr. links that don’t sanitize his legacy.

Google docs supper-extensive list of false or misleading news sources

Sheila Kennedy What now to rescue our democracy “Without that trust—without a widespread public belief in an overarching political community to which all citizens belong and in which all citizens are valued—tribalism thrives. Especially in times of rapid social change, racial resentments grow. The divide between urban and rural Americans widens. Economic insecurity and social dysfunction grow in the absence of an adequate social safety net, adding to resentment of both government and “the Other.” It is a prescription for civic unrest and national decline.” The trump story media dare not utter – they sacrificed democracy for ratings

Teen Vogue – donald trump is gaslighting America CNN just came out with a similar article, but Teen Vogue called out what was going on over a month ago. Anyone who has worked with abuse victims is already familiar with the term “gaslighting” – it can really mess you up and take a long time to get your head back on straight. opinion piece on gaslighting of America

wilwheaton.tumblr donald trump’s actual words vs the more coherent, cleaned-up version being reported by media

John Scalzi on the beginning of the trump years aka rich white dudes who use their power for good Little dude PREACHES it donald trump’s inauguration speech, annotated news – how the town of whitefish defeated it’s neo nazi trolls “I think that people are realizing that democracy is their responsibility.” rebel well a starter survival guide to a trumped america Scarleteen, if you don’t know them already, is an amazing resource for non-judgemental, frank, honest, and accurate sex and relationship information (and when I say frank, I mean frank, so don’t say I didn’t warn you).

Southern Poverty Law Center – the miseducation of Dylan Roof How Google search algorithm tries to show you what it thinks you want to see, with tragic results.