Link Soup 1/16/17

Fun Stuff: Star Wars alternate history where Padme survives

Poche Posh – they make women’s clothing with actual pockets!

facebook If men breastfed video Check out the Nursedes! The iPump!

St. Carrie cut out to paste on your own candle She would have loved this. Warning for some cussin’ in this one. Star Wars The Force Awakens gif set and poem – stand up warrior you are not yet finished Love this one a lot. The Murderbot Diaries excerpt of interest to my sentient robot-writing friends – robot secretly gains self governance, saves humans despite itself, becomes adorable. Not available until May but the e-book can be pre-ordered and is only $2.99

Evil supply company – thinking of you during the apocalypse greeting card

How to Human: What about all the people who regret getting gender reassignment surgery? Auntie (the BBC) doesn’t always know best – gender performance vs gender identity Teaching consent to small children

You Are Not So Smart podcast – The Backfire Effect when what you believe is so core to your identity that anything that challenges it feels like a threat to your safety, and instead of changing or questioning your belief based on new evidence, you double down and believe it MORE.

You Are Not So Smart – The Backfire Effect earlier 2011 article

The Mercury 13 the story of the first women astronauts who were left on Earth Women were thought to be better candidates for astronauts because they weighed and ate less. More things they never told us in history class. Cry heart but never break A children’s book about death. Keep a tissue handy if you click this one.

The bortle light pollution scale

Veteran art project Racial illiteracy Catholic anti-abortion pro-choice sensible person talking sensibly sharia law not so scary or at least no scarier than similar ancient christian and jewish versions

Politics and Activism: 8 Martin Luther King, Jr. links that don’t sanitize his legacy.

Google docs supper-extensive list of false or misleading news sources

Sheila Kennedy What now to rescue our democracy “Without that trust—without a widespread public belief in an overarching political community to which all citizens belong and in which all citizens are valued—tribalism thrives. Especially in times of rapid social change, racial resentments grow. The divide between urban and rural Americans widens. Economic insecurity and social dysfunction grow in the absence of an adequate social safety net, adding to resentment of both government and “the Other.” It is a prescription for civic unrest and national decline.” The trump story media dare not utter – they sacrificed democracy for ratings

Teen Vogue – donald trump is gaslighting America CNN just came out with a similar article, but Teen Vogue called out what was going on over a month ago. Anyone who has worked with abuse victims is already familiar with the term “gaslighting” – it can really mess you up and take a long time to get your head back on straight. opinion piece on gaslighting of America

wilwheaton.tumblr donald trump’s actual words vs the more coherent, cleaned-up version being reported by media

John Scalzi on the beginning of the trump years aka rich white dudes who use their power for good Little dude PREACHES it donald trump’s inauguration speech, annotated news – how the town of whitefish defeated it’s neo nazi trolls “I think that people are realizing that democracy is their responsibility.” rebel well a starter survival guide to a trumped america Scarleteen, if you don’t know them already, is an amazing resource for non-judgemental, frank, honest, and accurate sex and relationship information (and when I say frank, I mean frank, so don’t say I didn’t warn you).

Southern Poverty Law Center – the miseducation of Dylan Roof How Google search algorithm tries to show you what it thinks you want to see, with tragic results.